Market Research

The following market analysis was carried out on a representative sample of 16 million Italians specifically performed on Nuvap N1 prototype.
Survey conducted by DOXA Marketing Advice in 2012.

“Nuvap recently patented a newly developed device (small in size and carefully designed) to be installed in homes and / or offices, equipped with a sophisticated detection system that can track and report the presence of polluting sources of various nature.”

  • “More than 80% of the sample declared that they have already heard of domestic pollution and to be aware of its danger”
  • “The propensity to invest even a substantial amount of money is high” “Almost 40% of respondents said they have faced problems of pollution in their homes, pointing out among the most frequent causes: noise, particulate matter, contaminated water, electromagnetic waves and emissions from electronic equipment”
  • “The attitude of the people who have been interviewed shows a clear concern about the risks related to pollution in domestic environments, and a significant interest in new systems that make it possible to identify the presence of polluting sources”
Know your home, protect your health.
Nuvap Srl is an innovative start-up company in accordance with art. 25 of Legislative Decree 179/2012 the so-called Growth Decree, it is entered in the appropriate section of the Company Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa.