Each device constantly communicates data of the place that is been monitored to Nuvap central platform. With the increase in the distribution of its devices and those produced by other licensees, Nuvap will provide satellite maps and the like, on pollution in real time with a level of precision and detail hitherto unimaginable.
You can decide where to live based on the degree of pollution of a specific street or square, simply by consulting Nuvap maps. The service will be accessible via the cloud platform to all users who have purchased a device and all users who intend to sign up and use our online service.

Know your home, protect your health.
Nuvap Srl is an innovative start-up company in accordance with art. 25 of Legislative Decree 179/2012 the so-called Growth Decree, it is entered in the appropriate section of the Company Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa.