Pollution data

Here are some acquired data regarding pollution and its consequences:

  • About 420,000 deaths were estimated to be caused by pollution in the EU in 2010.” 1
  • The air in our houses is on average five times more polluted than outdoor air. 2
  • Unwitting exposure to radon gas in homes causes about 41,000 deaths each year (figure for Europe and the United States). 3
  • In Italy radon gas causes about 3,200 deaths each year and is the second leading cause of lung cancer; 17% of Italian homes are at risk of radon gas. 4
  • There are countless cases of cancer due to exposure over time to electromagnetic sources. 5
  • In Italy 464 schools and kindergartens are too close to high and very high voltage power lines. 6
  • Wireless devices and mobile phones may cause cancer. The risk of male infertility for those who live near wi-fi waves has also been demonstrated. 7
  • It has been shown that there is an increase of 70% of leukemia for children living within 200 meters from a power line. 20% within 600 meters. 8
  • In Italy, 1/4 of home taps releases contaminated, dangerous water. 9
  • It has been shown that there is an additional 40% chance of having a heart attack if one lives in an environment with a noise level above 50 decibels. 10
  • In the vicinity of industrial areas the incidence of cancer on the population living in that area can reach a concentration of 1 per 18 inhabitants. 11
  • About 40% of deaths worldwide are caused by polluted water, air and soil. 12
Know your home, protect your health.
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