If Nuvap N1 detects the presence of a contaminant in the monitored area, Nuvap customers can log on to a service called “Nuvasolutions”. It can be accessed through the “pollutant resolutions” of Nuvap ecommerce website or through Nuvap call center, which will indicate possible solutions and can also provide:

  • a consultation with Nuvap experts to quickly solve the problem, thanks to lifestyle improvement in terms of exposure to pollutants;
  • the introduction of specific technologies inside your home or workplace to solve any detected pollution problems;
  • the identification of an expert for more specific measures and for any legal and economic claims vs. third parties;
  • the indication of leading companies specialized in solving specific pollution problems.


Know your home, protect your health.
Nuvap Srl is an innovative start-up company in accordance with art. 25 of Legislative Decree 179/2012 the so-called Growth Decree, it is entered in the appropriate section of the Company Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa.