Why Nuvap came about

If we asked ourselves what livable environments (such as homes or work places) are really polluted and actually dangerous, probably we would not know the answer. Knowing more about our home is critical to the safety and health of our family and to enjoy a better quality of life, but until now this has been difficult, complicated and expensive.

Many of the potentially serious or even fatal diseases that afflict us, are caused by a continued, unaware exposure over time to latent pollution present in our homes and offices: the only way to prevent this is to know in advance the level of indoor pollution in order to mitigate or eliminate any possible risk to our health, this can also be possible thanks to the support offered by Nuvap.

Nuvap is an electronics company that designs, engineers and manufactures devices for the constant monitoring of multiple types of pollution such as electromagnetic, radon gas, noise, air pollution, wi-fi and radioactivity. Any threat detected can then be attenuated or eliminated by avoiding the dangerous effects of exposure over time to pollutants we are unaware of.

Know your home, protect your health.
Nuvap Srl is an innovative start-up company in accordance with art. 25 of Legislative Decree 179/2012 the so-called Growth Decree, it is entered in the appropriate section of the Company Register of the Chamber of Commerce of Pisa.